Let Stinking Dogs Lie

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

To many a dog lover, bath time is a chore. You start out with good intentions. Everyone prefers that Baxter be clean when the in-laws show up for the holidays. Otherwise comments will be made about that smelly beast of yours.

Baxter has learned the routine. He's no dummy. Like many dogs, Baxter goes flying the minute the dreaded b-word is mentioned. Never has he been so fast. Never has the space under your bed seemed so cavernous.

You've wizened up over the years too. You quietly ask your spouse to take Baxter for a nice walk, while slyly gesturing to the bathtub. Upon return, Baxter is promptly ushered into the bathroom where his doom awaits.

Baxter doesn't give up without a fight. He's slippery as a fish throughout the entire ordeal. He even manages to jump out a couple times, splashing water and soap everywhere. Not to worry, you've come prepared and are donning the clothes you swore you were going to donate last summer.

Baxter continues to make his displeasure known. He whines and cries. He cowers in the corner, turning away from your gaze. He attempts to climb the slippery shower walls.

Eventually your dreaded task is complete. Baxter is towel dried and proceeds to have an explosive round of post-bath zoomies. At least it's over until the next round of holidays.

You can't help but puzzle over it. Baxter LOVES water. He runs through puddles, jumps off docks and has delighted in many a summer-time swim.

Sound familiar? There are plenty of us out there in the dog-loving world with Baxters of our own. Then there are those of us with big dogs that we just cannot man-handle into hygiene.

So what's a person to do? There are a few options: